Extraordinarily Intentional: The Story of TRS


Available now for Nurses ONLY, Extraordinarily Intentional: The Story of TRS is a limited-edition copy where I share exclusive stories, photos, and words of wisdom, throughout my journey as a nurse and business owner. From a murder-for-hire scheme and thousands of dollars of embezzlement, to cancer scares and unbelievable nurse stories, I share a unique perspective on the inner workings of TRS Healthcare. I know one thing for sure: nurses don’t just comfort patients and their families, we come home and do it all over again. The shift never ends.



Extraordinarily Intentional: The Story of TRS tells more than the history of TRS Healthcare. It’s the heart behind the founder, Dr. Diana Wright, who fuels the passion for helping nurses become healthcare professionals. TRS Healthcare was originally named The Right Solutions, aintersection of Wright’s last name and the right staffing solutions she could provide for hospitals. Diana started the company from the ground up, working the first shifts herself. Ever since the first shift worked at Eureka Springs HospitaiArkansas, Diana and the teaat TRS Healthcare have continually strived to comfort and restore lives nationwide while staying true to their humble roots. The book shares exclusive stories, photos, and words of wisdom, written by the founder herself. From a murder-for-hire scheme and thousands of dollars of embezzlement to cancer scares and unbelievable nurse stories, Diana sharea unique perspective on the inner workings of TRS Healthcare. She knows one thing for sure: nurses don’t just comfort patients and their families, they come home and do iall over again. The shift never ends.

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