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The incredible true story of American nurse and entrepreneur, Diana Wright. Overcoming poverty and abuse, Wright built a multi-million dollar business devoted to improving the quality of life for nurses, only to be given a terminal cancer death sentence by the very industry she dedicated her life to. Failed by the American medical system with only eight months to live, Diana takes her health into her own hands, spending her forecasted time in search of the cure for cancer.

Her story weaves in and out of the experiences that make her who she is today: a successful Arkansas Businesswoman who has beaten the odds. Learn how she manages her employees as a female president. Meet the underdogs she’s given job opportunities and a higher standard of living to. Travel to Austria to hear her battle with cancer and the various methods she used to combat the second leading cause of death in the United States.


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Check out the informative Cancer Can Be Killed Documentary to hear 15 cancer survival stories from around the U.S., treated with natural methods including hyperthermia, immunotherapy, IV Vitamins, and other lifestyle changes.

Synopsis: Jeff Witzeman goes on a quest to find out why his wife was cured of her cancer in 30 days, naturally, in Germany, after American doctors wanted to pull an organ out, chemo and radiate her, and basically send her off to die. What he found will change cancer treatment forever.

Cancer Can Be Killed is my quest to find out why my wife’s life was threatened by doctors here in the United States. Why on earth would they perform barbaric procedures that would give her only a 50% chance of survival? Why were they able to kill the cancer in 30 days naturally with no chemo, no radiation and no radical surgery in Germany?

I followed the lives of 15 success stories, treated both here and abroad to find out what works and why. I hope this film gives you the strength and courage to find the non-toxic cure for you and your loved ones.”

If you browse the mainstream media headlines here in the United States, you’ll be led to believe that 5G is an amazing, next-generation wireless technology that will make everything faster, easier, and more incredible. But this is all a lie, as 5G is really an advanced, military-grade assault weapon in disguise that’s being implemented as a final solution against a free humanity.

In the eye-opening film 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event by Sacha Stone, the ugly truth about 5G is revealed in full horrific detail. Not only will 5G invade every aspect of people’s lives, eliminating all privacy, but it also stands to become the most health-destroying technology ever created.

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