"Stepping into Dr. Kleef's office was like entering a spa. After being labeled as a number for months I finally was treated like a human being."
Diana Wright
Stage IV Patient

A clip from Dr. Diana’s movie, The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright, describing her first interaction with Dr. Kleef.

Diana receiving targeted treatments in 2012
Diana receiving hyperthermia treatment in 2012

Meet the Doctor that Saved My Life

Dr. Ralf Kleef

Dr. Kleef’s Clinic

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Dr. Ralf Kleef is both an MD and ND who received his state examination in medicine at the University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany in 1991.

With his training in immunology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in NYC and later at the NIH, Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM), in 1996 he found his passion: treating cancer through immunotherapy in the footsteps of the father of cancer immunotherapy, William B. Coley.

Dr. Kleef developed a unique cancer treatment from his growing wealth of experience and knowledge through a custom-tailored combination of fever therapy, hyperthermia, and checkpoint inhibitors. In his treatments, hobserved that the side effects of immunotherapy (immune-related adverse effects) occur in much lesser degrees of intensity. Therefore, he believes that this is a safe protocol and is easily tolerable for patients.

Dr. Ralf Kleef featured in Diana's documentary, The Unbelievable Plight of Mrs. Wright


Austria is a neighbour to Germany and Switzerland in the heart of Europe. The direct flight from New York City takes about 8 hours. Our clinic is located in the 13th district of Vienna, very close to the famous Schönbrunn palace. Vienna has a good public transport system to get around. Taxis and Ubers are also available. You can find the street address below under “Contact Information”.

We can send you more information about accommodation close to our clinic if you contact us.

Dr. Kleef Immunotherapy and Integrative Oncology is a private-billing outpatient clinic. We will provide all the information needed so you can submit paid bills to your health insurance.

Fever therapy activates the immune system in a very natural way. This can be achieved by approved fever-producing substances or by hyperthermia beds through water-filtered infrared-A. The special add-on we provide is checkpoint inhibitors. These have the power to stop cancer’s ability to deceive our immune system. In 2018, the discovery of checkpoint inhibitors was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine.

Contact Information:

Dr. Ralf Kleef 

Auhofstraße 1, 1130 Wien Austria, Europe 

Timezone: UTC+1 (Winter) UTC +2 (Summer) 

Phone: +43 1 585 73 11 

E-mail: info@dr-kleef.at

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